CEP President Returns, Denies Fleeing to the D.R.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – While the facts suggest that CEP President, Gaillot Dorsinvil, was out on the lam facing accusations of corruption, fraud and bribery, he returned to his seat as head of the electoral institution on Wednesday claiming to have never taken flight.

Dorsinvil, quoted in Le Nouvelliste said, „I am someone responsible. The term escaping is not appropriate to talk about me. It has been long that I had not taken a vacation and my health was not stable. Given that the results of the elections had not too much activity, I decided to take a little rest on the recommendations of my doctor. I am here and I will do what deserves to be done in the CEP.”

The President of the CEP also added that there is a warrant issued against him. „It was a prohibition on departure, my lawyers will see that it is removed,” he said.

Mr. Dorsinvil holds sternly that he is not someone who fled the scene. „I have spoken to many people.” „They know that I was here”, he argued.

On Thursday June 9 the President of the Republic, Michel Martelly, took note, after 2 attempts at meeting with the CEP and several attempts by the Senate Ethics Committee to meet with the CEP, that the „electoral council is dysfunctional”.


The proclamation, on Monday, of final results of the second round of legislative elections, held on May 29, 2011 in the exchanges of Fond-Verrettes / Ganthier, Jacmel and Verrettes Valley, had to be signed by the President of the Republic, in the absence of the President of the CEP.

As this should be the end of a long, hard fought, complicated electoral cycle, the three losing candidates are now contesting that the President of the Republic can not validate the results of the May 29 elections and have also asked members of Parliament to not swear-in the victors either.

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