Implementing Tax for National Education Harming Some Citizens

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – The $1.50 tariff on international money transfers imposed by the Head of State to fund a national education program, began on June 15, with many nations now assessing the fee on each transaction, others have yet to establish a system for the tariff. This is causing serious harm to some Haitian citizens.
Sunday, June 26, 2011, 1:45 pm. Jean-Claude rushes to an money transfer office in the capital to send emergency funds to his son who has fallen ill in Argentina, where he has studied for the past year.

Surprise. The teller tells Jean-Claude that it is not possible to make a transfer in the direction of Argentina. „I will wait, it must be a signal problem,” said wisely the man in his fifties, as it is often the case in money transfer offices in Haiti.

„No,” replied the teller, „money transfer offices in Haiti can no longer make transactions to several countries, including Argentina.”

„What is that you tell that Madam?”

„There is my son who is in trouble and far from his family,” the gentleman became visibly upset.

The Lady explains that it is not possible because the levy of a dollar and a half on each transfer established by the President of the Republic is not yet operational for Argentina. Therefore this decision has left Jean-Claude and his son of fireworks.

The son of Jean-Claude is not the only victim of this decision. Thousands of young people who are studying in Argentina or Mexico, are also affected by the block.

Jessica, age 23, a Geologist in the country of Lionel Messi, is not capable of fulfilling her monthly rent, because of this is it is her big brother in Haiti who is responsible for paying it.

„I was informed that I can no longer send money from Haiti”, said the brother of Jessica, surprised by this information at an office of transfers. „I don’t know what can happen to her, because, at the moment, it’s very cold in Argentina,” he said, worried that his little sister may be put in the street.

Indeed, since June 15, on each transfer outgoing and returning to Haiti a dollar and a half is taken for the National Fund for Education (FNE) dedicated to the education of disadvantaged children in the country.

However, the effectiveness of this decision’s applicability is not general, it is effective in countries with a large community of Haitian diaspora as the United States, Canada, the Dominican Republic, France and the Caribbean. But in many countries, this decision is not yet operational.

This is the case of the Argentina and Mexico where there is also a large number of Haitian students who live off transfers from relatives in Haiti. And these countries, where the decision is not yet operational, can no longer make or receive transfers from Haiti.

This block found in the system of transfers because of the dollar and a half American homes that cannot be removed from the amount of beneficiaries is grind the teeth. But no announcement was made public to notify citizens about this disturbing measure. The implementation of the National Fund for Education (FNE) therefore puts the stick in the wheel of the citizens.

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