Minister of Justice Paul Denis Resigns

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – The outgoing Minister of Justice and Public Safety, Paul Denis, resigned on Tuesday. In a resignation letter delivered to Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive, Paul Denis said „personal reasons” led him to his decision.

According to the Chairman of the Senate Justice Committee, Senator, Youri Latortue, it is the Prime Minister, Jean-Max Bellerive who now ensures the duties of Minister of Justice and Public Safety, with an interim designation, as the state awaits the formation of government.

The duties will also be undertaken by former General Director of the institution, Josué Pierre-Louis.

According to Radio Kiskeya, the two men, Bellerive and Pierre-Louis, went on Tuesday afternoon to the Ministry of Justice for the taking of a symbolic oath in which the press was not invited.

„Denis Paul withdrew from the Ministry. In that it cannot stand, so it’s the Prime Minister, Jean Max Bellerive, acting Minister of Justice, whom we will convene another week. As the Director General Mario Andresol was present, the Commission has sat with him to share information,” said Senator Latortue.

This resignation occurred the same day that the former minister and strongman of the former ruling party INITE were to answer a convocation of the commission of the Justice and Public Safety Committee of the Senate. Paul Denis was asked to explain the behavior deemed suspicious of government commissioners who, for some, to have engaged in recent times, in wrongdoing in the exercise of their functions.

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