NatCom Customers Victims of Mafia-style Cable Cutting

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Newly acquired NatCom, formerly Teleco, has been a victim of chronic sabotage and the company is suggesting haters in the industry to be the culprits, others say it is internal.

Teleco was acquired by Vietnamese telecommunications giant, Viettel and since emerging in the market with plans to bring new technologies, powerful service and a new kind of ethic, the company has been victim to sporadic cable-cutting.

It was reported by RCR Wireless that some are showing their aggression against the company in the form of „brutal cable cutting.” Suspicions are the many and vary from large corporations to random locals and even employees.

One theory is that the three large wireless providers, Digicel, Voila and Haitel may be in cahoots with unidentified agents who sabotage for pay. The motive seems to point to NatCom’s intention to lay a fiber optic network throughout the country which could make voice calling, over the internet, possible in Haiti.

Although NatCom is a land line telecom, the emergence of faster internet and voice calls could affect wireless companies and could allow users to bypass the Martelly international call tariff.

Another theory suggests the threat to be internal. Telco is known to have been a cesspool of corruption. Many used to complain that bribes were needed just to get a line fixed or to get service turned on in less than a year.

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