Senator Benoit Calls on Martelly to Make Issue of Cholera and Accountability

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – The senior Senator, Steven Benoit of the Ouest Department, after hearing of a report published by the U.S. CDC, finding a UN stabilization mission camp to be the source of the cholera outbreak in Haiti, called on government officials including the president, to take action and hold appropriate persons accountable.

“Many people were already saying it, but when it is the CDC that says it, “U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention” that says it, this is an authority recognized through the world, CDC.”

„Today they confirmed, the source of the cholera was from a Nepalese base, Nepalese military, in Mirebalais, now this, today, is an appeal, I cannot say this any better.”
Senator Benoit on MetroNews

„There is a commission of health in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate, and today I will make an appeal, to both chairmen of the commissions of health, in the Senate and in the Chamber of Deputies, for them to take the full [CDC] report, and with haste, convocate with the rest of the Government…”

„And I expect President Martelly, in consultations with him, for them to give him the documents, so that President Martelly can state, and say, on which position does his government stand, with respect to the report published by the CDC.”

„Today it is clear, there is nearly 5,000 people who have died, there is a group of people who are responsible. It is MINUSTA. It is the Nepalese military contingent of MINUSTAH, that still up until today are in Mirebalais.”

„Now today, the government must say something, not only about the contingent in Mirebalais, the superiors and the soldiers, but the government must say something to the victims and the parents of the victims.”

„More than 5,000 people have died. Today I think there should be reparations for these people and their families.”

„Now for me, I denounce them now. I will put my documents at your disposal. Furthermore, the commissions of health, in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate, take their responsabilities, so they can have convocation with those that they should.”

„And here we ask that President Martelly take responsibility. When this happened he was not president, the government that has left, Preval-Bellerive, never said anything, but now, today, it is an opportunity that President Martelly has, to state, definitively, what is going on.”

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