Spain’s International Children’s Theatre Performs in P-au-P

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Since the visit of the Queen of Spain to Haiti, several times between 2007 and 11, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has welcomed the cooperation of the Spanish Ministry for International Cooperation and Development (AECID). This week the Embassy of Spain and the AECID, invited an international traveling children’s theater to perform for several hundred kids in the capital city.

„One day, walking barefoot on the beach I checked that the Earth is full of stones. I have begun to classify them and save them as a precious treasure. If you look inside them, you can see something more than a simple stone”.

More than 300 boys and girls attended a theatrical play called „Stone to Stone” at the Art Centre at the Le Vilatte dining hall in Petion-ville.

The show was organized by Embassy of Spain and the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AECID) in Haiti.

A children’s play starring Tian Gombau and written and directed by Rosa Díaz, the traveling coalition performs more than 700 shows worldwide, mainly in Spanish territories but the show has also been seen in Portugal, France, Italy, Poland, Mexico, Morocco, Costa Rica and has now come to Haiti.

The Teatre of Home Dibuixat offered to boys and girls of Haiti a proposal to stimulate your imagination through inanimate objects.

The Spanish Minister AECID has made culture its focus for recovery in Haiti. In supporting the Haitian strategy for growth and reduction of poverty, the AECID seeks to protect the historical and cultural heritage, in collaboration with Spain’s Embassy it works to offer some of Spain’s cultural offerings.

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