USF Bulls offensive lineman Danous Estenor lifts car to free trapped man part 3

„He’s just a good, hard-nosed, country-strong kind of kid,” Golden said Thursday. „Danous has that extra little strength in him that people don’t just normally walk around with. You could name 100 people — I mean NFL people — and ask them to walk over to a car and pick it up like that, and they couldn’t.

„The World’s Strongest Man guys would struggle with that. He just was in the right place at the right time, got that adrenaline rush and got it done.”

And once you’ve lifted a Cadillac, what can’t be accomplished on a football field?

Estenor has played 10 games during a career slowed by a knee injury, but he’s healthy entering his redshirt junior season and competing for a starting position on a line that lost three starters. His teammates give him grief and call him „hero” during workouts, but it reminds him not to set limits on what he can do.

„Ever since Coach Holtz read the letter, they all say, ‚Oh, where’s your cape?’ ” Estenor said. „It’s not bad. They’re just making fun, but I’m glad (Holtz) let them know what happened. I always feel good when I do a good deed, to help somebody any kind of way. Small or big, as long as I can make a difference, I feel good about it.”

Estenor, who is majoring in organizational communications with a minor in economics and hopes to go into sports administration, has gone back to the Bulls Den a few times since. He has talked with the two men who helped him lift the car, Chris Merrick, a cook at the Bulls Den who owns the Cadillac, and Marcus Baker, who works as a dishwasher.

„I don’t think we would have gotten (the car) up if it wasn’t for him,” Baker said Wednesday on his front porch in Ybor City. „It’s like it was meant to happen. I still remember him. Every time I see him, I’m like, ‚How did you pick up a car?’ ”

Arzola still gets dispatched to the parking lot on USF’s campus. Uribe said one time the student he was towing asked him if he knew another driver who had been pinned under a car there and died.

„Pedro laughed and said, ‚You know what, sir? That’s me,’ ” Uribe said. „Everybody says, ‚That’s a miracle.’ I don’t know how to explain it. It’s too crazy.”

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